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If you dream of a singing career, I can help.


  Kate singing at the Eastgate Cafe   As a jazz musician, composer and bandleader I’ve worked with many, many singers in New York, L.A., Philadelphia and Chicago. These vocalists have run the gamut from legendary greats like Anita O’Day to singers who were just getting started in the business. Working with people at all levels of experience over the years, I’ve learned how to spot not only the elements that allow a singer to make the most of their voice and presence, but also the roadblocks that keep some singers from performing at their best.

Whether you’re an aspiring singer who’s not sure how to get started in clubs and other performance venues or a professional who needs coaching to help you progress to the next level— we should talk.


I’ll help you achieve more success by showing you how to—
Build a personal musical repertoire including:

  • Enough songs to fill a four-hour gig
  • The right ratio of bossa novas to ballads to jazz waltzes, etc.
  • A variety of tempos and keys so your sets are always intriguing and musically satisfying
  Esther singing at the Eastgate Cafe   A duet at the Eastgate Cafe
I’ll also help you create a strong “stage persona”
that can:

  • Turn new audiences into loyal fans
  • Allow you to take charge of back-up musicians, even if you’re not a trained musician yourself
  • Help you to deal with less-than-attentive audiences
  Barb Bailey at the Eastgate Cafe   Sabina singing at the Eastgate Cafe
Wayne singing at the Eastgate

If you’re already performing at top jazz clubs you may not need my services, but if you’re still trying to reach that goal, I’m sure I can help.

Please email me at DougLalliJazz@gmail.com or call me at 708-228-7150 to set up a FREE 30-minute consultation to see if we can work together. I think you’ll find that my expertise and musicality can be invaluable in helping you make the most of your voice and your talent.