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Doug Lalli, acoustic or electric piano, all tracks



This is a spirited not-quite samba. Jim Cox and the late great Rusty Jones provide just the right touch on this tune.


My favorite from the charts I did for my septet back in New York. Great work by Andy Drelles on flute and soprano sax, and by bassist Earl Sauls—especially on his unaccompanied solo.

What Love Can Do*    

Vocalist Kelly Meashey did a beautiful job with this through-composed bossa nova. Tenor sax work is courtesy of Larry McKenna—for years the foremost tenor player in Philadelphia.

Autumn’s Promise    

I recorded this ballad solo. The song version of this tune is entitled “In a While.”

Christmas Time is Here Again*  

I’ve written about a dozen Christmas songs, but this is my only jazz-waltz Christmas song. Jill Salkin is the singer.


In the classic hard-bop tradition, “Vicissitudes” is an up-tempo 24-bar minor blues. And it provides further evidence that Rusty Jones is one of the greats when it comes to trading eights.

*vocalist added; lyrics by Doug Lalli


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